Mughal Revival

Carvings and mouldings form an integral part of ethnic theme and reiterates old world charm in home decor. Arrivae reveals the uniqueness of this theme supported with expert insights. 

Architect Ashish Vaidya

Client Expectation: Desired lavish and heavy carving on furniture depicting a palace kind of look and feel.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Used teakwood to enhance the décor and give it a traditional look.

How did you achieve the ethnic theme for Mr. Dharap’s project?

To celebrate the ethnic theme in Mr. Dharap’s interiors, we have used intricate carvings. You will find wooden columns that reiterate the old world charm. The play of curves, carvings and wood adds warmth and brings about a feel of calmness to the interiors. This project is one of its kind and was completed eight years back.

What is the main highlight of the project?

Carvings, mouldings and grooves used in the living and master bedroom are the main distinguishing feature. Intricate carvings used in the furniture give an antique look and feel to the interiors. The Indian ethnic style has been enhanced further with carved furniture in teak. Wooden swing and sofa setting with Indian style carving gives a relaxed feel to the interiors. False ceiling used here complements the interiors beautifully.

Can you specify the unique features used in the bedroom?   

To fulfill the interest of the client, the bed has been inspired by the Mughal theme. White and gold leafing design on the bed adds a touch of glamour to the bedroom. White and gold colour scheme against wooden flooring and satin fabric gives a rich look and feel to the space.

Could you tell us about the décor elements used in the interiors?

For Mr. Dharap’s 4 BHK home in Dadar, we have used white duco paint and partly teak polish. In the living room, suspended handi kind of lights gives a vintage look and feel to the interiors. As far as furniture is concerned, teakwood adds style, reflects the rich heritage and harmonizes the interiors. Another highlight is swing that has wooden carving with brass chain. Wardrobe has been given a traditional touch with antique wooden carving with duco paint. The chest with its heritage style design placed below the television has been enhanced with golden colour.

Console with mirror in the living room merges well with the décor. Sofa with Indian style heavy carvings and chaise lounge depicts a palace like feel. On the ceiling, two cassette ACs in the living room is placed inside the wooden box to camouflage it and give it an Indian ethnic charm.     


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