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Interiors with minimalist décor can be worked out within a budget. Arrivae emphasizes on the limitations that come with this theme and the ways to handle it supported by expert inputs.

Client Expectation: Savitha Bharadwaj, Pune, desired an ethnic look and feel for their interiors.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Combined wooden tones with ethnic elements like wallpaper for the entire décor.

Architect Shreny Soman

Why did you opt for the minimalistic theme for the project?

Budget was the main and only challenge we encountered in this project. To fit in ethnic elements and give it an Indian touch was something we had to take care of. Due to this limitation, we could not use expensive elements like veneer or wood and thought it was best to go with minimalistic décor.

How did you convince the client about the budget?

We informed her that furniture with Indian elements would be expensive, and if it has Indian detailing, the cost would escalate further. On the other hand, we made her understand that if we had any money left, it could be used to deck up the space with handcrafted chairs. To keep the interest of the client and budget in mind, we ensured to use few ethnic elements that reiterated the Indian touch like wallpaper, furnishings etc.

What was the colour scheme used?

Wooden and warm tones were used throughout the space apart from the entrance where yellow was used. We created a yellow wall near the entrance that had cream and laser cut motif that was same as the wallpaper. The wallpaper design was repeated behind the television wall in the living area as well. To get the ethnic theme going, you will find chandeliers in the living area that blend with the overall décor of the space.

How did you use the minimalist theme in the kitchen and kid’s room?

The kitchen was again executed with the minimalist theme. We did not touch the flooring. Wooden finish laminate that was used throughout the house was repeated in the kitchen as well. Profile handles has been used in the kitchen. The overall design is basic. For the kid’s room, we designed a sofa sum bed as the client did not want a typical kid’s room design but wanted it to be functional so that the space can be utilized even after the kid has grown up.

What was the client’s reaction to the outcome?

Savitha Bharadwaj was very particular about quality and budget. Overall she was happy with the outcome. She had an opinion about everything. In one instance, she opted for laminates and did not like any compromise to be done on the quality aspect. She didn’t mind if the budget exceeded a bit to maintain the quality.

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