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Modern interiors demand different kind of décor and attention. There are certain elements that add style and comfort. Arrivae speaks to expert to understand the modern concepts that can be incorporated to ease the workflow in the interiors.    

Architect Sanjiv Thakur

Client Expectation: Mr. Bavesh Janavalekar desired new concepts for the 3BHK home in Dadar.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Used reverse lighting concept to give the space a unique look and feel. The advantage being you won’t get any glow on the eyes and the space gets a soft touch. We did not use any false ceiling in the space.

What was the colour scheme used in the house?

Walls and ceiling were decked up in white and wooden hues for the furniture. Since brown was used for the furniture, white was used to complement the space. Asian Paint luster paint was used for the wall and plastic paint on the ceiling.

Could you talk about the décor elements used in the interiors?

As per the requirement, we had big wardrobe, side table, bed, headboard and dressing table. Roman blinds were used for curtains. For the study room cabinets, we gave enough depth and space at the bottom to accommodate accessories like big suitcase, bags etc.

Hydraulic pump was used on the top portion of the cabinets with an aim to create extra space so that you can keep bags etc. Doors of the above cabinets are horizontal to give it big doors. The entire home is decked up with LED lights in reverse manner. There are no direct lights used in the space at all. Lights on the headboard were placed in such a way that the lights get distributed above and below.   

How did you plan the overall space with the modern theme?

When the client met us, we discussed the options possible with Mr. Janavalekar and depending on his requirements, we informed about the possibilities and the client agreed.

Did you face any challenges while executing the project?

Since the building was 45 years old, we couldn’t make any changes to it. This was the major hindrance. Due to this constraint, the position of the bathroom and kitchen could not be changed. In spite of these challenges, we were able to work around and overcome this issue with effective planning skills.

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