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Contemporary style blends sober colour scheme and design components required to execute the theme. Arrivae helps you understand the trend with the help of expert inputs.

Client Expectation: Harshada Wagh desired a plain and simple design without any flashy effect for her 3 BHK interiors.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Used a sober colour scheme with minimal décor.

Neha Ranade

What measures did you take to give a contemporary twist to the project?

As desired by the client, we used a sober colour scheme like grey and white in the living room apart from shades of brown in one of the bedrooms. To give a contemporary touch to the living area, we gave a texture effect to one of the laminates in the living area. Another feature that catches the attention in this space is the PU coating given for the television unit to enhance it and give it a glossy effect.

Could you throw some light on the functional element in the project?        

Since the area was small in size, we ensured the television unit had a sleek appearance. To achieve the desired outcome, we reduced the depth of the television unit and height of the unit was taken up to the lintel level. This is how the space was effectively utilized. Similarly the dining area was very small. To maximize this space, we created a foldable table. This freed up the space a little as it could be folded downwards when not in use.

What was the décor elements executed for the contemporary theme?

To deck up the master bedroom further, we used a combination of wooden panel and glass in the master bedroom. This enhanced the space and gave it an elegant look and feel.

What was customer’s reaction to the end result?

The customer was very happy with the outcome. The family stayed in the 3 BHK house for only six months because the husband got transferred due to which the entire family had to relocate overseas. Before they shifted they gave a call to inform about the same and appreciated my work.      

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