Rustic Effect

Home office with a rustic theme can be enhanced with the right features and décor elements keeping the space constraint in mind. Arrivae gets in touch with expert to find out the right method to accentuate the home office with the rustic theme.         

Architect Mangesh Jadhav

How can you distinguish the home office with a rustic theme from the other themes?

Colours play a very important role in the rustic theme. To be on the safer side, you can opt for pastel hues like yellow ochre, mustard, red oxide and yellow oxide. These shades help to give the space a sober touch, ensuring the space does not have a boring appearance. As you get very little space in a home office to experiment, and the home office space is generally very small, you should avoid loud colours or features as it may have an overbearing effect and in turn defeat the effectiveness of the home office.

What are the different features that can be added to execute a unique touch to the home office?

You can highlight one of the walls with mustard tone and make it the accent wall. Try to stay away from using too many décor elements. If you do not wish to paint the wall, you have the option to use wallpaper with floral pattern. To recreate a vintage feel in the home office, you can choose lights with cast iron fixtures and chandeliers that are small in size. These fixtures enhance the décor of the home office. Mosaic tiles can add a touch of sophistication to the home office that embraces the rustic theme. 

Considering the space constraint, what kind of storage would be apt for a home office with a rustic theme?

Concealed or inbuilt storage to stack away files and give it an uncluttered feel is desired in a home office. Another reason to opt for inbuilt storage is that it enhances the home office and gives it an aesthetic look and feel.

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