Modern Flavour

Kitchen with a modern theme entails incorporating user friendly and aesthetic features that can be combined to ensure the comfort factor is taken care of. Arrivae takes a look at the aspects that can be combined to fulfil the modern theme.

Client Expectation: Mrs. Anaitha Deboo desired a modern theme for the kitchen.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the project with user friendly features and modern aspects.

Delna Shaikh

What were the different aspects taken care of in the kitchen?

The kitchen has been placed opposite the dining area. Designed in three shapes, the opening of the kitchen has batten and sliding glass door with wooden frame door in veneer finish. The kitchen design has been executed adhering to the clients requirements. At the corner of the dining area, there is an open square shelf created to display religious idols. You will also find a display of a handmade painting of Buddha facing the seating arrangement of the dining area.

How did you give a user friendly feature to the kitchen?

Firstly we used a combination of red and white frosted glass to add a decorative touch to the kitchen. Placement plays a very important role in the kitchen. You will find the spoon and masala cabinet near the kitchen hob to ensure the required kitchen essentials are within the reach of the user. The trolley provided in the kitchen is also removable. As you can easily remove it, the user can wash it and ensure it is clean for the next use.

Is there any decorative touch given in the kitchen?

There is a long passage that connects the living and dining area. To highlight this space, we decorated it with two big glass chandeliers. This gives the space a grandeur effect.

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