Weekend Fix

The essence of home office takes a different approach when it is utilized only on weekends. Arrivae interacts with expert to find out the creative elements that fits perfectly into this space.

Client Expectation: Design a home office to be used over weekends.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the project with unique functional element.

Geeta Danani Thakkar

What are the aspects to be kept in mind for a weekend home office?

If you are someone from the creative field or prefer working from home over the weekend, firstly you have to find a dedicated space in your home to work. Ensure that this space is free from distractions. As far as furniture is concerned, you can opt for a ledge desk with a convertible feature to enable you to conduct your office activities seamlessly.

What are the functional elements to be taken care of for this office?

The ledge desk can be converted into a discussion table, which can be used for meetings and entertain visitors over the weekend. This aptly serves as a meeting table as well. You can also have a pivot point from where the desk can rotate.

Since the office would be used over the weekend, you can have a screening that acts as a partition between the office and other rooms in the house during discussion. Ensure this screening is retractable or dismantable as you would not be using it throughout the day.

Could you throw some light on the storage aspect?

Since this will be a small office in a home, I wouldn’t like to enhance it with too many elements. The least we could do here is have a small book shelf and storage and maximize it with the open theme.

How would you add a decorative touch to the space?

Adhering to the less is more approach, we could have small planter in the space. Fountain in a miniature version is another element that can be added to this office. This feature plays an important role in emitting a positive vibe to the space.

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