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Kid’s room requires a lot of room for the inhabitant to play around apart from storage and interesting design. Arrivae explores the design option with expert to understand the various features that contribute to making the space friendly for the kid.

Client Expectation: Sonit Singh, Chembur, desired lot of space and appropriate furniture for his six year old daughter’s room.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Provided bunk bed and open area for the kid to have a nice time with friends.

Designer Suryakant Jadhav

Did the client have any specific requirement for the kid’s room?

Sonit Singh was very particular about having ample open space in his daughter’s room for the kid to play around. To cater to this requirement, we pushed all the furniture touching the wall. This ensures the space in the centre is left open. As you enter the room, you will be welcomed with open area enabling flexible movement for the kid.

Tell us about the design highlights of the project?

Considering the interest level of the inhabitant, we have opted for vibrant colours like orange, yellow and aqua blue for the daughter’s room. You will find the dressing area placed in front of the washroom. The design of the dresser blends well with the overall interiors of the space. The main highlight of the daughter’s room is the butterfly stickers on top of the bunk bed side of the wall that enhances the room beautifully. Galaxy inspired wallpaper in cartoon style on the opposite wall of the bunk bed adds visual interest to the space.

The ceiling has been decorated with curvature ceiling in flower shape design. Wooden flooring and colourful design used for furnishings like curtains has been selected keeping the design aesthetics of the space in mind. Adding a playful feature to the kid’s area is lights given below the bunk bed. This highlights the space and helps the kid have a nice time with friends. The colour scheme has been continued on the wardrobe as well. Another design feature that stands out in this space is the family photograph stuck on the main door on the wardrobe with the help of vinyl.

What kind of storage have you provided for the kid’s area?

We have given lot of storage on the right hand side of the bunk bed. Equipped with step ladder, the space below the ladder has also been utilized for storage purpose. Apart from these features, the space below the bunk bed has been left open. In a three and a half feet by five feet area, the space has been utilized intelligently with the study table attached to the ladder of the bunk bed.

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