Timeless Beauty

Interiors are designed keeping in mind a particular theme and executed accordingly. Arrivae interacts with expert to understand the features that take the modern theme to another level.

Client Expectation: Sidhart Bhatia sourced reference images from the laptop and wanted to highlight interiors with the modern theme.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the design with adequate décor elements catering to the needs of the client.

Architect Ashish Tank

What was the colour scheme desired for modern theme interiors?

For the modern theme, we used a slightly white and blue colour scheme. The sofa in the living room was decked up in blue colour, and we picked grey hue for the wallpaper. We continued with white hue for the dining chairs as well.

Could you tell us about the highlight of the project?

We had entrusted a vendor to design the side table lights. The uniqueness of this light is that real stand of the trumpet was used and the cap on the top of this trumpet was enhanced with light. When this is lit up, it illuminates the space giving it a contemporary look and feel.

How did you design the furniture in the space?

The centre table and side table was created with marble and the same marble finds its way to the dining table top as well. This way we ensured that marble was used appropriately and there was no wastage as marble is an expensive stone. For the bar unit, we have given a freestanding design for the bar table that resembles a wardrobe structure. To accommodate the essentials of the family in the bedroom, we have given appropriate furniture like wardrobe, readymade study table, bed, two side tables, television unit and dressing area.

What kind of décor did you opt for the project?

To give a touch of glamour to the space, Italian marble was used for the flooring. The paneling and side lamps were done from a vendor. Low height bed and floor to ceiling wardrobe was used to utilize the space to the maximum. Veneer finish for bed and combination of veneer and white polycoat for the side table gives a calming effect to the interiors. The wardrobe is again in polycoat with one veneer band in the centre. Round edges for the television unit creates visual interest. Since we were falling short of space, we opted for a foldable table. Beige hue wallpaper infused with fabric texture gives a new dimension to the passage area. Besides the washroom area was highlighted with mirrors and seamless segregation of dry and wet areas for functional reason.

Did the client have any specific demand to be catered to?

Sidhart Bhatia was a firm believer of vastu and wanted the furniture designed and placed in the house adhering to the rules of vastu. The client also placed a lot of emphasis on the quality aspect. Catering to all the required design elements within a budget of 30 lakhs was another challenge we took care of without any hassles. On the whole, we had a pleasant experience working on this project.

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