Rubik’s Magic

Kid’s spaces can be updated to give it a magical touch. Arrivae interacts with expert to find out unique ways to add a personal touch to your kid’s interiors.

Client Expectation: Mr. Rahane wanted a room with a creative touch for his nine year old kid.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Executed the project with kid’s favourite toy theme, leaving lot of room for the kid to explore various fun activities in the centre.

Harpriit Aanaand

How did you execute the kid’s room in this project?

Mr. Rahane’s 9 year old kid, Hanish, had a creative bend with interest in painting and liked having friends over to play. The room was quite big in size, and the client desired maximum space for the kid to explore his creative side. He practically required an empty room with storage, single bed and an open and inviting area to ensure his play activities with friends or interest level in games was not disturbed or faced any kind of restrictions. Rugs can be used in this empty area too to add a decorative touch. The space was big enough to resemble a hall.

What is the main highlight of the space?

Rubik’s Cube is Hanish’s favourite toy. To add an element of fun and highlight this interest area, we updated the room in style with a cubic theme. For this, we designed the study table in such a way that it resembled his favourite toy ie. Rubik’s Cube.

How did you manage to take care of the functional aspect in this project?

Mr. Rahane had a big wardrobe (8 ft. long) that was tucked away to form a niche. This wardrobe occupied one end of the room. On the opposite side, there was a bay window that was converted into book storage for functional reasons. To make optimum use of this bay window, its seating was again converted into a big sleeping area that could accommodate an adult as well. This way, we managed to give storages on both sides in the form of book shelves. In fact, as the space is devoid of any caricature or painting on the wall, which would give it a childish look and feel, it could easily transform itself into a guest or adult room later on to accommodate the needs of an adult.

What were the decorative elements used in this project?

To give the room an unusual twist, we decked up the entire room in teakwood hue. The metal wardrobe also has a dark brown finish. The entire wall here is panelled. The two ends of the kid’s room were seamlessly connected with open book shelf.

Would you like to talk about any challenges faced?

Achieving the empty space as desired by Mr. Rahane without compromising on the functional and aesthetic aspects was a major challenge that we overcame with proper planning and skilful thinking.

How did you take care of the safety aspect in this room?

As the bed was placed right next to the window, we ensured grills were put in place as a safety measure. Similarly, the furniture also runs end to end, and there are no sharp corners in this room.

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