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Professional tasks can be accomplished from home for practical reasons. Arrivae interacts with expert to portray the strategy that could be executed to get your home office functional.

Client Expectation: The client wanted a dedicated space at home for business purpose.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Managed to convert a small space on the ground floor into home office.

Roshni Sawant

How did you manage to add functional features to the home office?

As the client desired a small area to perform his professional tasks at home, we converted an 11 ft. by 13 ft. area into a home office on the ground floor. This cosy office had all the required furniture like cosy desk, book shelf with lockers to store jewellery catalogue as they were into jewellery manufacturing business.

Was there any decorative features added to the home office?

The client had a special liking for eucalyptus veneer. We used this material for wall panelling. Apart from this, false ceiling gave a decorative touch to the space. For the courtyard, we had designed the landscaping as desired by the client. This aspect transforms the space beautifully. The placement of Lord Ganesha’ idol with a unique lighting scheme is another decorative element that stands out in the courtyard.

Did you face any challenges while executing the project?

We did not face any major challenge. Segregation of furniture, discussion area and the storage space was something we had to look at. As the client worked together with his three cousins, we provided a common seating area with accommodation so that they can brainstorm, ideate and come up with unique strategies to increase their business prospects. Planning played a key role here and we ensured things went on smoothly for the cosy home office.

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