Open office state of affairs

Office interior designs and layout have emerged from mere cabins and closed spaces to open office concept that channels productivity. Arrivae interacts with experts to understand the concept and its implementation.

Architect Omkar Mathkar

Client Expectation: Make the most out of a 1,000 sq. ft. space.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Achieved the desired result through open office concept. Right selection of materials and colour combination was the first step taken to make sure the space appears big.

Can you describe the framework used in the project?

We planned the layout efficiently with glass partitions and sliding windows minus the barriers. Similarly, the tabletop did not have any barriers. Elements like desk minus any partitions and soft board was put in place. This ensures a favourable environment for employees to be efficient and concentrate on the task given to them. Keeping the aesthetic factor in mind, wooden top and metal base furniture was used in the office space.

What is the role of light in an open office concept?

Lights play a very important role in an open office concept. The flow of light was planned well in this project. To ensure the office space was illuminated well, adequate amount of fixtures were used. The ceiling was also high. This feature enhanced the look and feel of the office.

What is the design sensibility used behind the conference room?

The main highlight of this office is its conference room. The client had a special requirement to design it with the theme of a torture room. We found it challenging to convince the client regarding the design of this conference room. After a series of meetings, the client approved the design. Keeping the functionality aspect of the torture room in mind, dark black colour was used on the wall. Similarly, a suspended light was used like the one found in a torture room. The torture room theme was followed in the furniture as well using dark brown colour for the meeting table and black colour chairs.

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