Cues for right home office ambience

Technology and flexibility from employers have given rise to a trend called home office. This concept is all about balancing function and comfort. Arrivae gives you insight on décor and other factors that can be considered to make your home office purposeful.

Manan Gala, Equilibrium Designs

Client Expectation: Plan a home office.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Convert one of the rooms like a bedroom with study area into a home office.

How would you ensure that home office serves as a motivation for the user?

Clutter free space is a great motivating factor for the user. You can style it with adjustable furniture and inspiring décor, keeping the comfort factor in mind. Lighting is another important aspect to be considered in the home office. If you are someone who works during the day and prefer natural light, you can align your workspace near a window or source where you can take advantage of natural light.

What are the different ways to convert a free space into a home office?

You can convert one of the rooms like a bedroom with study area into a home office. This space can serve like a work desk. Glass desk in the corner of the room is also a viable option for a home office. As far as furniture is concerned, it completely depends on the field of the user. For example, if the user is from a creative field, wooden desk is preferable. You can enhance this space further with artworks, posters or paintings as per the likes and interest of the user.

Is there anything specific to be kept in mind while designing a home office?

I feel storage is not a good idea for the home office as the space would look cramped. To overcome this challenge, the best thing to do is to opt for an open book shelf.


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