Organic Route

Office layouts have undergone considerable changes in their layout. A comfortable work environment promotes productivity and efficiency. Arrivae delves into one of the unconventional style with expert insights on organic layout.

Architect Gaurav Joshi

Client Expectation: Unconventional layout with no enclosed spaces for the entire setup except a Video conferencing (VC) facility.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Took the organic layout inspired by Ant Burroughs.

What was the source of inspiration for the organic layout for the Chennai startup?

Our team drew inspiration from Ant Burroughs and the layout is reminiscent of the Burroughs. The client wanted an unconventional layout with no enclosed spaces for the entire setup except a Video conferencing (VC) facility. They wanted to avoid taking the routine approach for their start-up. The initial brief was to accommodate a team of 100 IT professionals, couple of meeting rooms and a VC facility. Keeping in mind the ‘unconventional’ wish of the client – the design team decided to take an organic route – literally.

How did you plan the layout of this office?

Spread across 5000 sq. ft – the entire layout was planned with free flowing worktops along the walkways – which could turn into cycle ways at times – just to travel to a workstation from one to another – ultimately creating an informal but lively work environment.

Can you tell us about the seating arrangement of the office?

The USP of this design was the organic layout which excited the client to take this assignment further. The flooring and ceiling is intentionally kept raw and unfinished. Use of vibrant colours across the office renders an exciting and fresh look for the entire office. Informal seating areas have been created across the layout for team discussions and meetings. The informal breakout area along the pantry has been designed with certain gym equipment clubbed up with IT workstations.

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