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Privacy forms a very important aspect of a home office. Arrivae talks to expert to understand how this feature scores high and can be implemented in a space.

Tanisha Bansal

Client Expectation: Design a home office for Tarun Bansal (CA professional) in Deonar.

Uniquely Yours Solution: Convert the living area of the 2 BHK house into office.

What was the main idea followed while designing a home office?

As the client had to cater to a lot of clients in Mumbai, he desired to have an office space in his residence itself. For this, the living area of the 2 BHK house had to be converted into an office. As per the laws specified by Raheja, only 36 percent could be used as office space in the house. For now, we have refrained from using any partitions in the house and plan to update the space with one partition later to separate the MD’s cabin from the living area.

How did you finalize the colour scheme for the project?

Tarun Bansal had visited my studio and was impressed with the white and brown colour scheme used in here. He desired the same colour scheme for the project, which was put into practice.

What was the philosophy behind designing this home office?

Privacy and soundproof cabin were the main specifications. To adhere to this demand, we thought of using a partition right up to the ceiling with one AC with indoor units and another for the living. This plan had to be scrapped. Now, we plan to use a 7 feet partition with a single air conditioner for the living and MD’s cabin.

Did you come across any major hassle while executing the project?

Raheja’s strict working hours that included no work to be done from 2 – 4 pm, government holidays, Sunday, bank holidays and daily work to be completed till 6 pm was the only challenge faced. As this was my third project with the client, we didn’t face any hurdles from Mr. Bansal while executing the project.

Did you use any specific elements to deck up this home office?

To add a little spark to the house, we thoughtfully used brown and white laminate in the living and silver metallic paint on the ceiling so that the space does not look plain. Also, Tarun Bansal did not want any furniture to be purchased and had got old furniture from Amritsar. All the furniture was done on site. This took care of the budget, which was 15 lakhs for the entire project excluding white goods.

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